Friday, March 7, 2008

Extreme Makeover

Okay, so call me crazy, but I find re-doing old pages fun!

I started scrapping oh, about eight years ago, and boy have times changed! So many more fun scrap goodies available, and my skills have certainly evolved.

The reason I decided to start re-doing my pages is because I now scrap 8 x 8 and I started out 12 x 12, and I find those albums to be so big and heavy. Well, that and the fact that I cringe when I look at my old pages! So I started a challenge called Extreme Makeover a few months ago over at Two Peas, and a few people have joined me along the way. (I think most people think I'm insane to be re-making old pages, though! But that's okay because I'm having fun!)

I'm not necessarily going to re-do ALL my old pages (I have almost 30 albums full of layouts from back when I was pretty new at scrapping). Just every now and then to throw something new into my scrap routine.

So here's my latest re-do. It's the opening page for my scrapbook about a trip Down Under I took back in 1993. The page below is (obviously) the "before" version. I was too lazy to scan it twice and stitch the whole 12 x 12 page, but you can get the idea of what the page looked like before.


Lynn said...

wow. i have some pages like that. and while i cringe - they are what they are when i started. as a matter of fact i did a couple of albums over only because God Bless they fell apart. lol!!! love your challenge!

Emily Pitts said...

hi debbi, i have to say i love your makeover. the only thing i worry about is how i'm going to think today's pages look in 10 years. are you going to want to redo this one again? i guess that's what we'll be doing when we're all done scrapping all the photos we have now! :)

Sara said...

Hi! I love the makeover pg! I think every scrapper has those "early style" pgs! I'm so far behind in scrapping that I'll never have time to re-do my 1st LO's--though I want to, really, eally want to!!

Sarah C. said...

Debbi, that re-do is GORGEOUS! So elegant w/the red/cream/black color combo. Absolutely love it. tfs! :)

Akinol said...
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Akinogal said...
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