Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I just noticed that my name and Farzad's cute face is on banner on the Two Peas home page. Has that been there all month? It flashes through three different pictures, so that's probably why I never noticed until today. What fun!

Here are the pages I made for the mid-month Garden. Again, these were all inspired by ads (if you click on the above link you can see which ads inspired the layouts.


Murphy's Law said...

debbi the lo's are soooo cool and its awesome that you are being recognized!!!! you are one awesome scrapper. love your stuff!

Andrea said...

Wow Debbi......I *love* your scrapping style! I found your blog from the comment that you left on mine (thank you for the nice compliment).

I will bookmark your blog and be back for some scrapbook inspiation!!!!


Andrea C.

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