Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scrap Yourself - My First Layout Revealed

As I shared in my last post, I've joined the team at Scrap Yourself, a challenge blog dedicated to, well, scrapping yourself.

For my first challenge, Kristine asked the team to scrap about three everyday essentials. I had to ponder a bit about what I was going to document because there are so many essential things I use in my various routines every day. I thought about scrapping some things related to my beauty ritual or things that help me do my job well. I considered documenting some of the essential foods I have every day to make a layout for my weight-loss album.

In the end, I decided to record three things I must have everyday during my "alone" time. Here's my layout:

My partially hidden journaling reads: I relish my alone time. I look forward to Farzad coming home each night, but those few solitary hours before he walks through the door are precious to me. These are three things I need each day when I'm by myself: A cup of coffee wakes me up in the morning, but it's tea that soothes my soul in the Afternoon. My playlists keep me company, whether I'm blaring Black Eyed Peas in my car or rocking out to Aerosmith while I'm checking e-mail. And no day is complete without the company of a good book.

I love being on challenge blog teams because it's so neat to see how all the different people interpreted the challenge. I hope you'll go take a peek at Scrap Yourself to see what everyone else made and that you'll take a stab at this fun challenge!


Murphy's Law said...

awww beautiful LO for a beautiful lady. i love the lacy doily yum!!!! and love the journaling. congrats on being on the team. you'll so rock it. can't wait to see more.

Deb said...

I'm always a fan of your layout/design/color choices--in a word, you've got style! Thanks for sharing!

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