Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another Work in Progress Page

As I said in my last post, I think October is my favorite Work in Progress kit yet! I made three more layouts, and I would've done a lot more if I'd had time--there's so much cool stuff in this kit!

Hidden journaling reads:  Since our new TV doesn't have a clock on it, Farzad went in search of a clock for our family room. But when you're a gadget guy, an ordinary clock won't do. No, you need a fancy-schmancy, bells-and-whistles kind of clock.

Clock number one was the "Floating Message" clock from Brookestone. It has this arm that moves back and forth at lightning speed and displays not only the time, date, and temperature, but other messages you can program. The only problem: you have to sit and wait for the dumb thing to go through all those messages before you see the time. I just want a clock to tell me what time it is! So back it went to Brookestone.

Clock number two was the obedient clock. You were supposed to ask it what time it was and it was supposed to reply. The only problem: this clock wasn't obedient, unless you were right in front of it and didn't have a Persian accent. That one went back in the box.

Clock number three was the projector clock. This gadget shines the time on the celing. The only problem: you have to be right under the image to see it. Oh, and the room has to be dark. Yep, that one went back, too. So now, I am still clock-less. Can't we just get a plain-old clock that tells time? Nope, says my gadget guy. The quest continues.

My  layout started with the clock border in the kit. And then I noticed that the street map paper had all these 24s in circles on the, which seemed perfect (24 hours). I decided this would be the perfect kit to tell the funny story of the clock quest, and all the road-signs from the BasicGrey Wander collection were perfect, since Farzad's quest to find the perfect clock had him running all over town.

I knew I wanted to use that cute chipboard airplane, so I used it to hold part of my title. I mounted the Jenni Bowlin Stickers on a piece of the ribbon tape that came in the kit. It was bright yellow, so I inked it to make it match the gold-yellow in the paper and embellishments. I love those great big bold BasicGrey letters that came in the kit and I outlined them with black pen to make them even bolder.

I had to include a big clock somewhere on my, so I raided my stash and found this Maya Road sheer clock. The BasicGrey cog sticker with the arrows was perfect to go on top of it. Since he was sort of going round and round in circles looking for the perfect clock.I cut out the "Wander" title from the tear strip of the paper--it perfectly described what Farzad was doing!

There is an update to the story. Farzad found a clock that I can read from my scrap room. It looks like a plain digital alarm clock with big red letters. I thanked him profusely for getting a plain clock that I can read. It wasn't until that evening when we were watching TV that I looked up on the ceiling and there was the time projected! My sneaky gadget guy!

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Murphy's Law said...

lol!!! what a fun story and i can so relate. i have a techno geek as well and they just can't do plain. its not in their dna. love this.

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