Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Always Dreamed of Having a Library {CSI Case File No. 109}

Our first February Case File is a bold, happy one:

Here's my page. I'm so bad at taking selfies, but with no one around to photograph me in my library, that what I had to resort to.

Clues I used...Evidence: book pages, silver accents, birds, stack something, use heat, frames, greenery; Testimony: journal about your reading.

Here are some details: Papers I used are by Reminisce (green periodic table); really old Ki Memories (blue); Jillibean Soup (red dot); BasicGrey (letters); really old Scenic Route (leaves). The chipboard is by 2Crafty.

I've had this silver frame in my stash FOREVER. It has little prongs on the back that poke through the paper. That's a Studio Calico wood veneer bird that I heat embossed with red powder.

I used a Tim Holtz mask with texture paste mixed with yellow paint for those letters in the background. I used my heat gun to dry it, and it kind of bubbled up--looks cool.

I cut out the "Library" word with my Silhouette Cameo. The red letters are by Lily Bee. 

My journaling, on the back, reads: I always dreamed of having a library. Reading has forever been a passion of mine. When I was a kid, we pretty much had no books in our house. I knew when I grew up, I would fill my house with books. And fill my house I did. In our last house, we dedicated a spare bedroom to be the "library," and Farzad installed shelves on all the walls. They were just plain brackets with shelves on them--not very attractive, but they served their purpose. They quickly filled up, and as I acquired more books, stacks sprouted on the floor of that library and grew until there was barely any room to even walk.

When we found the new house we fell in love with, it had a library on the main floor, and I knew that I would finally have a "real" library. Before we moved, I trimmed down my library to only my very favorite books and donated the rest. We bought some pretty glass-front bookcases from Ikea, and Farzad put them together, and he even added lights on top of the shelves. We have a desk in there that looks out the front window and a giant, wall-sized map of the world. My bearded dragon has a home in there too. It's warm and cozy and has just the feel of a library I always dreamed of.

Yes, I always dreamed of having a library, and my dream finally came true. 



sandi said...

Brilliant use of colors here Deb! So sweet, so snappy looking! <3!

Murphy's Law said...

What a great page - love it and a library. Wow!! Love the colors and the layers.

ALINE said...

This page is beautiful!!!

Mitralee said...

Loved this post and your page! Super super cool!

Linda Eggleton said...

Such a fun gorgeous page!

Terhi Koskinen said...

You are one lucky lady to have library of your own!
Captivating page, totally! <3

Audrey Pettit said...

What a wonderful story, and what a wonderful page! I am always so inspired by your designs. Your attention to detailing is absolutely amazing, and I love how much you incorporate older items into your designs. Love that you embrace everything without worrying about what's "new". Love what you did with that old metal frame. Really love the modeling paste background, too. It's all gorgeous!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Oh wow! You put such a fun spin on this challenge. I love the stencilled letters and your use of the bold colors.

Dale Tiernan said...

You lucky, lucky girl.

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