Friday, June 26, 2020

Hello Blue Skies | Bramble Fox

I made this page for Bramble Fox earlier in the month and forgot to blog about it!

As I was looking for a picture to go with the Hello Blue Skies Perspextives, which comes with the title piece and the sun and cloud, I came across this pretty picture of my friend and her daughter. PinkFresh Studio's My Favorite Story was a good collection for both the picture and the Bramble Fox pieces. And of course I had to add a heart Perspextive, because I always put a heart on the pages I give away.

I love the pretty florals and bows in this collection.

That sun peeking from behind the clouds is such a sweet embellishment.

I highly recommend the Fox Box subscription. You get three packs of Perspextives, which gives you a nice assortment of pieces to work with, as well as an exclusive design only available in the Fox Box. Plus you get a discount on everything in the shop.


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