Saturday, November 15, 2008

Purple Haze All In My Brain (and a Lost Butterfly)

So this week, Janet sent us purple for the Color Combos Galore challenge! This was a delight for me since I love purple but a total surprise since Janet hates purple! I actually made two pages with this color combo, because the first one just wasn't working for me (it's the one below called "Go Postal"). Not sure why, but the "cottontail" color was really yellow on my monitor. The gray with the yellow just looked sickly to me. I took more liberties with my second page and used bright white instead, and I adored the color combo. I found out there aren't very many purple papers. I had to dig into my really old stash to find this purple paper.

I decided to use the colors for the page I made for the How Much Is Too Much? blog. And thus the story of the lost butterfly. Paula challenged us to use use 3 patterned papers, 3 pieces of chipboard, 3 ribbons, 3 stickers and 3 clear/transparent items. I had a Heidi Swapp ghost butterfly all picked out, painted the edges purple, and then went to stitch on my layout. When I came back to put all my embellishments on the page, the butterfly was gone. Flew away, I think! I looked for that butterfly for almost an hour and then got Farzad to help me--he can always find things. But we searched and searched to no avail. So I used a clear stamp on a piece of transparency, and that took care of my three clear items!

Journaling on the back of this page reads: I can't seem to find the right word for what I felt about Tina's life. I can't really call it jealousy or envy because there was really no resentment. Maybe longing would be the right word? Tina was pretty and fun and cool. She was older and therefore more "worldly." She knew all about teen pop stars and had a cool bedroom and cool clothes. She had a seemingly privileged life compared to ours--a nice house, where we always lived in dumpy apartments. Nice furniture. All those yellow National Geographics lined on the shelves in their den. And that glorious cat, Fluffy. I so wanted a cat of my own. In retrospect, even though Tina was more privileged on the surface, I know her life no less filled with difficulties and sorrows as ours was.

Here's the color combo I used for both of these pages. Come play with us!


Murphy's Law said...

ooooo you totally rocked the colors once again and i love your journaling on feeling green. your designs are also always a delight.

f said...

Love it!

Carla said...

WOW these color combos are awesome...I think you did a great job on both lay outs.

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