Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Feet {Party Time at HMITM}

Tomorrow's Kat's birthday, and we are having a party over at How Much Is Too Much! Using her birthdate, Kat challenges us to use 1 flower, 3 photos, 7 pieces of ribbon 8 words (including title), and 1 journal spot.

I decided to go wild and wacky and document my latest trip to the nail salon. I always get pink on my toes, but I decided to go a little crazy this time, and got turquoise with polka dots! Now, it's really weird that I'm scrapping this because for years (actually almost two decades) I hid my feet and never even wore sandals because I just hated my Flintstone feet. I've come to accept them--and it's SO much cooler in the summer.

I broke out some really old stash for this. I have a TON of these Doodlebug flowers that were all the rage but then quickly fell out of fashion, but I just had to one because of the polka dot!

This was a really tough challenge for me. The ribbon was very tricky. But I'm glad Kat challenged us to use it because I have WAY too much ribbon that I never use. And of course the part with 3 photos was tricky because I scrap 8 x 8 (yeah, I know I cheated by using one photo 3 times). But the hardest part for me was limiting myself to the 8 words.

Once I got to going all wild and crazy with this page, I remembered the 3-D K & Co. stickers, so I added the rainbow for some more color and sparkle, and then some butterflies and the groovy mushroom.

Here's a close-up of my toes. I used Picnik to add some cool photo effects to my picture (I used the "Orton-Ish" effect).

I hope you'll come party with us. You might even make it to our "How Awesome Is Too Awesome?" gallery or even win a RAK!


BabyBokChoy said...

Those doodlebug flowers look pretty fashionable to me Debbi!!! (shhh... probly coz i have a few in my stash too, shhhhhh...)
Now i have that song "Happy feet" stuck in my head :))
CUTE CUTE CUTE layout!!! I love it!!! I gots to try picnik!! your photos look GREAT GREAT!!such cute toes and go so perfectly with those flowers!!!!!!!

Murphy's Law said...

i agree the flower looks pretty cool. i don't think flowers can fall out of fashion. however, i do have some bazzill i haven't used in awhile. love love love your wild and crazy lo - goes w/those toes. you go girl!

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