Saturday, March 28, 2009

My New Lap Cat

So, of my three cats, I've had Maggie the longest--I'd say about 12 years, and she's never sat on my lap in all that time. Little Brent has always been my devoted lap warmer. Well, about two weeks ago, Maggie decided she wanted to start sitting on my lap in the evenings when I'm watching TV, and it's so funny because Little Brent comes over and glares at her and then Maggie starts growling and then suddenly, Little Brent is chasing her up the stairs. Cracks me up that he gets so jealous!

I made a layout to commemorate this new happening. I didn't have a picture of Maggie sitting on my lap, so I just used another photo of her. I desaturated the colors in the background because there was a hot pink paper bag in the background. I made this for Color Combos Galore. I loved the colors this week! But then, I always love the colors!

Here are the colors I was working with:


Heidi M said...

As usual....WONDERFUL!!!

Lynn said...

this rocks as usual and animals are just too funny. our dogs do the same thing, if you're petting them, one of them w/nudge the other out of the way.

Sarah C. said...

Saw this on 2peas last week and love it, Debbi! Such a lovely photo of your gorgeous fur baby and perfect color mix. tfs! :)

Lan said...

Wow, just beautiful!


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