Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I was looking through some photos a couple of weeks ago and started noticing a trend. I have so many pictures of Farzad hamming it up in front of the camera. Just silly poses. Give him a prop, and he's eager to pose.

So I came up with a new album idea. I'm either going to call the album Poser or Gotta Give Him Props.

Here are the first two layouts for that book. I made this page for the How Much Is Too Much? blog. On this particular occasion, I asked him to pose nice for the camera in front of that pretty tree. This is what I got instead. It's about the only time I can get him to eat his vegetables!

We were at a candy store in Ocean City, and there were so many fun colors that I wanted to snap a picture of him in there. As I was readying my camera, he grabbed Grover to pose with him. I made this page for the Sketch This! blog.


nylene said...

These layouts are so cute. How fun to have a hubby who loves to clown around with you. I'll bet you have a great time together!

Murphy's Law said...

i love your album categories. and this one is gonna be a great one. your dh is alot of fun. love love love the projects. woo hoo!

Colleen said...

More fabulous layouts Debbi and what a totally fun idea for an album!

Unknown said...

That's so great! Great pictures and love the album idea!

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