Thursday, May 1, 2008


Kate tagged me. I always find these fun to do!

1.Last music you listened to - "Magic Man" by Heart

2.Last thing you watched on TV -House

3.Last movie you saw - Right at Your Door

4.Last book you read - The Friday Night Knitting Club (currently reading)

5.Last person you spoke to - Melissa, my teammate

6.Last thing you ate - fried dumplings (Chinese)

7.Last time you laughed - today at school (we're teaching our sex ed course right now)

8.Last place you visited - school

9.Last website you visited - Two Peas in a Bucket

10.Last thing you scrapped/crafted - This layout for Sketch This!


Murphy's Law said...

oooooo very cool. love the lo. and fun questions.

Carla said...

Oh that is a very cool lay out, I love the colors you used.

Unknown said...

haha! you've been tagged! love your answers! and this page is so funny!!! love the story!


Sarah Coggins said...

Great answers! The sex ed one cracked me up. And, now I'm on the hunt for the LO's hidden journaling. Sure to be a funny story behind the cone on top of the car. :D

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