Monday, August 4, 2008

Seeing Red

I swear I saw red when I saw this combo. Maybe an orange-y red, but definitely a red.

When Janet and I were talking, we were trying to figure out a name for the colors, and she kept saying orange this and orange that--"How about orange peel?"

"Cool name, but I think the orange looks more red. How about blood orange?"

So I worked on my layout, and when I'm working on the color layouts, I always come back to my computer to make sure I have the right hues before I glue things down. And I was sure I did this time, too. My red was a tiny bit redder than the color swatch Janet had sent me, and my orange was a little paler, but I'd been working on this layout for almost three days, so I went with it.

Fast forward to the challenge being posted on the Color Combos Galore blog, and what do I see staring me in the face? Orange. Go figure.

So the question is: Am I color blind? Or do the colors just look different on the black background of the Color Combos Galore blog? [I'm thinking it's the latter because when I sent her my page, I said my mango is a little paler than it should be, and she kept assuring me it was the right color, and now that I see it on the CCG blog, that color, at least, does seem right on the money.)

Here's the swatch:

And here's my layout:


Carla said...

Wow that is an amazing lay out, I totally love it! Great job!

Sherri said...

Looks like you nailed the colors. Another fabulous LO Debbi!

Monica and the team said...

tove the color combo you always have the most creative layouts! and lucky you to have stayed at the bellagio!

Nevis said...

So adorable!

JulesinParadise said...

Love your layout and the colors are awesome.

Andrea said...

I stayed at the Bellagio a few months after it opened and it was stunning. How about the blown glass in the lobby??? Crazy, huh???

As for your layout.....teriffic as usual. I love it!

And because of you I have been adding older stash to all of my recent layouts. You totally inspired me!!!! Thank you!


Murphy's Law said...

Looks like you nailed it to me too. You so rocked the colors. yum!!!

Sarah Coggins said...

The orange does look more red w/ the black background on the Color Combos blog. But I have to agree with the others - you nailed the colors. Gorgeous layout. Love the layering. tfs! :)

Lily said...

love, love, love it! the colors look just right.

Nevis said...

Love your layout!

Sheila said...

OMG! I can't believe I almost missed this one, you posted when I was out of town.
I think you NAILED the colors and you LO is Wonderful as usual.
I LOVE it, Great job! :o)(ps thanks for all the sweet comments you have left, you are too sweet)

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