Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where Did October Go?

Seriously. October seems to have disappeared in a wink, and now we're a week into November and heading full-speed towards the holidays! I've been really busy with report cards and parent-teacher conferences, which has seriously cut into my scrapping time, but I have managed to eke out a few pages in the couple of weeks.

I made this page for the Color Combos Galore blog. I combined it with a Journaler’s Junction challenge, which challenged us to write a 6-word memoir. I played a few tricks with the photo by turning the background black and white and diffusing it because there was a blue plastic bag in the background. I discovered a typo after it was all finished and scanned. Aargh.

Here are the colors Janet sent us that week:

I made this page for the Sketch This! blog. The background is really wood, and I thought the lace cardstock looked like a doily:

Here's Janelle's sketch I used:

I made this page to go in my book about Farzad's quirks for the How Much Is Too Much? blog. It was a real challenge for me because we had to use 9 different colors of cardstock and 2 staples. I'm such a patterned paper junkie! I combined it with two other challenges over at Two Peas, the Pub Ad challenge and the Inspiration challenge:

Here are the ad and inspiration piece I used:

Another one for the Color Combos Galore blog, using a picture from our summer anniversary trip to Las Vegas:

These were the colors Janet gave us:

Finally, here's one I did on Election Day for the Journaler's Junction challenge, which gave us the simple prompt "Today..." I really wanted to do this challenge using my thoughts on the election, but Farzad wasn't there to take a picture of me after I voted, so I tried, unsuccessfully, to get a decent photo of myself, but my arms just aren't long enough, LOL! I was about to delete all the hideous photos of my fat face, but then I noticed this one that had the TV with the election coverage in the background and decided that would be a perfect picture for my layout. I changed everything but the TV to black and white. When I sat down to make this page, I wanted to use a Studio Calico kit I hadn't broken into yet, and I noticed the October Afternoon newspapery pattern had "Tuesday" in one column" and "An Easy Way to Clean House" in another column, and thought, "How perfect!" I just love it when ideas come together like that! (I have private journaling on the back.)


Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, Debbi! I just love your work! Love your sense of humor, too. I am cracking up about the cat in the bathroom, and I always laugh about Farzad's "quirks". Love, love your style.

Tami Bayer said...

Such an awesome page. I love that you recorded your thoughts on elections day. You have such amazing pages. Enjoying your work so much.

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