Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Blue Funk

Do you ever have those days--or weekends--where you are just in a blue mood and feeling sorry for yourself? I had one of those days. I woke up with what I thought was pink eye on Saturday. My eyelid was sore and red and swollen. Saturday is my scrapping day, and I was supposed to do my page for How Much Is Too Much. I was planning to go to a fall festival with my sister and her family on Sunday, so I really needed to get my layout done, but I was in a funk.

I woke up on Sunday, and my eye was worse, so I had to cancel the outing and go to the urgent care instead. I had a couple of hours in between the time I phoned Kaiser and my appointment. Farzad was watching the morning news and pointed out to me that today was 10-10-10. And that's when I got my idea for the HMITM challenge. It was a fun, interesting challenge called "Ten Things I hate," posed by our guest challenger Liz Kordek: 

generally we do things we love or like. Create a layout documenting ten things you hate or dislike (maybe pet peeves), and include on your page ten things from your stash that you don't "love" anymore--we all have those things we bought and now wonder why--now's a good time to use them!

So I grabbed my camera and headed for the kitchen where we had the most light and held that camera in front of my face and snapped. Ugh what an ugly picture, but it was just perfect for the page I had in mind:

 For my ten products I dislike, I started with smooth cardstock (I prefer textured). I used letter stickers (I prefer chipboard ones). I remember seeing all these layouts using Rouge de Garance paper a few years ago and I ordered a whole bunch--and it was expensive because it was coming from France. When I got it, I immediately regretted it. The stuff is hard to work with and looked much prettier online. So there it has sat in my stash until today. I used two sheets. I used these white brads for the date that I hate. I bought them at the office supply store when brads started being popular. I had these Scrapworks rub-on flowers that I didn't really like. I have packages in a bunch of diferent colors. I knew I wanted to use eyelets and fiber because I still have a ton of those things (the centers of the flowers are decorative eyelets). I also used a stupid Karen Foster strip brad (why on earth did I buy those?), and a Narratives sticker from a sheet that look sort of like fortunes, and for some reason, I don't really like them. 

So there you have it. Ten things I hate about today using ten products I hate. It turns out I like the layout okay, though. (Well, except for the hideous picture of me.) And an update--I went to the doctor, and it turns out I have blepharitis and not pink eye. Which really doesn't sound all that much better, does it?

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Murphy's Law said...

hugs! hope you're feeling better. i love love love this because life ain't always sunshine and lollipops. lol! hope your day got better.

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