Sunday, June 19, 2011

More layouts from the June WIP Kit

I've been so busy with school ending that June is getting away from me, and I haven't shared all my Work in Progress layouts. Trish just put the July kit up for sale, but there are still a few more June kits left--such a colorful, happy, summery kit, featuring Echo Park Summer Days and a bunch of other fun, colorful goodies!

Here's a page I made for my book about Farzad's [many] quirks. I randomly number the quirks in this book, and the playing card paper that came in the kit was perfect for this. "Besalamati" means "cheers" in Farci, and Farzad always says it when he's about to drink something, even non-alcoholic drinks.

And a couple of closeups... That little umbrella drink sticker was the perfect thing for my page. I outlined it with a fine tip pen and added the layered punched circles, mounting everything with pop dots. I added some sparkles above the drink to make fizzy bubbles.

I love the woodgrain and cloud papers that came with this kit. I used pop dots to lift up one of the clouds. Again, I outlined the clouds with a fine tip pen, as I did with the other stickers.

Here's another page I made with this kit. When I saw this big ferris wheel sticker in the kit, I was immediately reminded of trips to amusement parks when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure we went every summer, but I only have this one picture of my sister on a giant slide as evidence that we went.

Journaling on the back reads: Sure, we went to Bolivia three times, but with the exception of one trip to Florida and a couple of beach day trips, we never went on any kind of real vacation. I do remember piling in the car once or twice a summer to drive to Kings Dominion or Hersheypark. I remember the thrill of seeing those sky-high roller coasters and the Kings Dominion Eiffel Tower as we approached the park. We'd always go on the weekend because my parents worked and the wait was so long as we snaked through the queue, but the thrill of zooming down the roller coasters was worth the wait. My favorite ride at Kings Dominion was the Rebel Yell, a giant white wood roller coaster. You could ride it forward or backward. Oh, and the Time Shaft, a mind-blowing ride circular room where you'd stand against the wall and the room started to spin. All of a sudden, the floor would drop and there you'd be hanging on the wall! At Busch Gardens, I loved the Big Bad Wolf, a suspended roller coaster, and the Shockwave, a stand-up roller coaster that went in a loop. Love, love, love those loops and the exhilarating sensation of curling upside down. My favorite ride at Hershey Park was the Toboggan, a little car that went straight up a tunnel, so that you were lying on your back, and when it emerged at the top, you'd go down a spiral track that surrounded the tunnel.

Sure, we never went to Disneyworld or the Grand Canyon or any of the other adventurous places other kids we knew went, but to us, these amusement park day trips were pretty exciting!

(This picture was taken in the mid 70's at Kings Dominion , and I think I can spot Dawn on the right.)
Here are a couple of detail shots... I added tiny Queen & Company brads to the feis wheel buckets. Man, what a pain that was, I tell you! After I started, I was wishing I hadn't thought of doing this. It was so hard poking the brads into the sticker, and the little prongs on the back were all stuck together. I mounted the giant sticker on pop dots. I outlined some of the elements with a black fine-tip pen.

This journaling spot was fun with the little roller coaster. I added some more of those brads to the wheels. I outlined the cars and the card with a fine-tip pen.

Those stripes at the bottom were fun and colorful, but I felt they were missing something, so I added brads in the same colors as the stripes. Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment!

Thank you for stopping by and reading about my pages!


Heather Jacob said...

a perfect, fun, funky and bright page .. all the elements are adorable ... love it Debbi.. hugz x

Lisa Amiet said...

WOW Both so bright and fun! Love what you have done with the brads on the "only evidence" one. Looks fantastic. They really are the best kind of trips, family and fun, what more could you ask for xoxo

Murphy's Law said...

OOOOOOOOOOOO Very fun and colorful and I love the details. Both are just perfect!

Pam said...

Love the bright, summery pages! That first layout of your hubby cracked me up! Sounds like a fun guy! And the layout about the amusement parks is so fun! :-)

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