Friday, January 17, 2014

Will & Power {CSI Case File No. 106}

We have a gorgeous Case File this week at CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration.

Unfortunately, it looks like my colors are a fail. Really, they look closer to the palette in real life, but I also think that my printer is running out of yellow ink because my papers really did match the swatch I printed out.

Clues I used: Evidence: arrows, gold, cloud, grid design, speech bubble, quote sticker, numbers, circles, stripes, white background; Testimony: Write about resolutions.

Anyway, January 17 (the day this Case File is being opened) is Ditch New Years Resolutions Day, so I decided to document a resolution I'm in the process of planning. I almost didn't go public with this resolution on a scrapbook page because it's one I've made over and over. I've struggled with my weight for decades and just about every year, I set out, resolved to lose weight for good, and I fail. I've got a different plan, which I will share below.

Anyway, here's my page:

I used the current sketch from Creative Scrappers.

Before I share my closeups, I wanted to share my journaling because the details on my page reflect the story. My journaling reads: 
Willpower. It's an elusive idea. The dictionary defines willpower as "the ability to control one's impulses and actions." Another source says it's "the strength of will to carry out one's decisions, wishes, or plans." I read those definitions and they seem to define me in just about every area of my life. Except when it comes to food. 

I've tried and tried to lose weight over the years, and I know I just cannot do it alone. I have the will, but the power just seems out of my reach. Until now.

This summer I began my walk with Christ, and I am learning to hand things over to him. I recently found a book called The Daniel Plan, and this book combines a weight-loss/get healthy plan with faith and prayer. I've had a lot of stresses this past month, so rather than jumping head first into this, I'm planning and reading and praying. I will embark on this plan very, very soon, and with my will and God's power, I have faith that I can finally get control of my life this time.

Here are some details. I try always to put meaningful details on my page, and I think I did an extra good job with this on this page. The image on the brad is a blueprint--the plan I'm working on is like a blueprint. 

I used a photo from two years ago when I had lost 60 pounds and was happy with the way I was starting to look. I'm not so happy with the way I'm looking these days, so I've been hiding from the camera. I chose the word sticker because salt and pepper work together, and it's a food-related phrase, coupled with lots of references to salt in the Bible.

I used this cloud paper to represent the Heavenly Father, who is going to give me the power to do this.

I used the cogs and gears to represent the hard work this is going to take, but with my will and the power and love of my God (represented the little heart), we will do this together. I found some red paper with words on it and cut out parts that showed meaningful words.

The chipboard gears are by 2Crafty. I painted the red and blue ones and then embossed with clear embossing powder. I had also painted the third one, but when I heat embossed it, for some reason, it turned bright orange, so I coated it again with embossing ink and this time sprinkled gold Ziong embossing powder, which perfectly matches the title letters. I actually like it better gold than I would've if it had been pink.

The speech bubble is also by 2Crafty. The flair points the way to the journaling, represented by the little typewriter. I used the brad with the dates because I know this is going to take lots of time to accomplish my goal.

So that's the story of my page. You need to pop over to CSI and see the gorgeous stuff by our design team and guest designers. I hope you'll give this Case File a whirl!



Murphy's Law said...

Hugs and prayers my friend and I pray that you use God's power and blessing in your endeaver because He want to give it to you. And also, in a 100 years from now people will love to have your photo so please (like the rest of us who think we look awful in photos and need to overcome the same thing) just roll with it. I can't tell how amazing and blessed I feel to have those ancestor photos - how they look is never an issue to me I just wanted to see them.

Lizzy Hill said...

What a thoughtful page - everything has such meaning...good on you handing it over to God, but also taking responsibility. I'm sure between the 2 of you, you'll be able to get there:):) It's just another journey in life, really, isn't it? Good luck!!!! Oh, & I think the colours looks great???!!!!

Christy said...

I really LOVE how this turned out! :)

Heather Jacob said...

absolutely stunning layout debbi , so many beautiful striking details and all you special little touches that so "YOU" created this beauty ... loveeeeeeeeeeee this so much x

sandi said...

What a super fun page! Love it to bits!

Jenny Evans said...

Awesome layout, Debbi! I love it! :)

Deb said...

Blessings and best wishes to you, Debbi, on this journey of discovering your best life and congratulations, too, on claiming your heritage as a beloved child of God and daughter of the risen Christ!

sarah martin said...

Wow Debbi this page is amazing. Love the layers and the colours are perfect!
I relate to your struggle with weight over the years, it has always been a battle of mine.
All the best for you in 2014 xo

Lynette Jacobs said...

Beautiful page Debbi...and yes...with His strength all things are possible. xx

Bi Medeiros said...

I love how you distressed the squares borders and outlined them with black pen!!

Ella Swan said...

WOW Debbi this is one super awesome page!!! Love all the layered up details...

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