Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lost in Shipping {CSI Case File No. 158}

We've got a new Case File open for investigation at CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration:

Here's my page. Clues I used...Evidence: stripes, dots, eyelets, animals, stitching, misting, string; Testimony: Document a special childhood belonging.

Here are some details. Sorry for the crummy pictures. Winter's so tricky for taking photos. The frames came from an old paper by My Little Shoebox. They were a brighter turquoise, so I dabbed a little gesso on them. That's mini-mi, about 3rd grade. The little fish are Silhouette cut files. I was excited to find that wavy-shaped stencil by The Crafter's Workshop in my stash.

I'm always happy to use a couple of the gazillions of eyelets in my stash. So perfect for the little fish bubbles. 

I put the full story on the back of my page, and I put bits and pieces into the frame to look like it was falling off the ship. Here's the sad story:

Lost in shipping. That's what they told me happened to my precious rock collection. How I loved that rock collection! All those sparkly stones were my treasures. I even had names for many of them. My Root Beer Rock, a rich brown quartz with crystalline froth. My Golf Club Rock, a clear, polished piece of quartz shaped just like a golf club. My Forest Rock, which had what looked like a little tree trapped inside its frozen crystal form. And my Watermelon Rock, a tourmaline that went from green to white to pink, just like the slice of fruit. I had agates and fool's gold and pink quartz and galena. I had an amethyst and piece of petrified wood and a snowflake obsidian and even a geode with a cave of sparkly crystals. 

I loved looking at my rock collection. Loved feeling the cool smoothness of the polished stones in my hand. Loved the taste of the stones' names on my tongue. I was so proud of that collection and dreamed that one day I'd become a geologist--a little girl's fantasy of roaming the world in search of sparkly things.

Lost in shipping. That's what they told me. In my little girl mind, I envisioned my box of treasures falling off the ship that carried them from the United States to Bolivia, sinking down to the bottom of some murky, fathomless sea. Lost forever. 

And this was the perfect opportunity to use one of the little anchor brads.

You must come see the awesome work by the design team and guest designers. AND you must play! Lots of reasons to solve this Case File...

  1. It's super-fun!
  2. It's one of the Case Files to solve for our design team call.
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Lynette Jacobs said...

What a lovely photo of mini you. I love the soft colors and the texture on the background.

Lizzy Hill said...

I seem to be following Lynette's comments all over the show today! Distracted.... MEANT to say those frames ROCK (scuse the pun!!)..... Adore how they look like they are sinking down down down. And what a devastating loss :( great page, tho :)!!!!

Lizzyc said...

This looks lovely, i love the colors and those eyelets for bubbles look fabulous!

Kimberly Kett said...

GORGEOUS! Love the nostalgic feeling to it!

Unknown said...

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