Friday, November 27, 2009

Be Thankful

What a happy Thanksgiving I had yesterday! Just hanging out with my family, feasting and laughing and talking and just being together.

I lost 2.6 pounds at Weight Watchers last week, which makes 49 pounds so far. I'm hoping to hit my 50 pound mark next week. I didn't want Thanksgiving to derail my goal, so I made some "skinny" recipes, most of which turned out pretty yummy, I must say. The Upside Down Pumpkin Cheesecake pudding...not so much. I ate a few bites and threw it away. Bummer. Yay for me, though, for resisting the Cracker Barrel chocolate pecan pie that was mocking me and calling my name.

It was my turn to host the challenge at How Much Is Too Much? this week, and I thought I'd go with a Thanksgiving theme. Since the holiday fell on the 26th, I posed the challenge of documenting 26 things you're thankful for and using 26 products on your page. It was fun to count my blessings and I could've gone on and on. Some of the things I journaled are big things that make my life complete and some were just little random things that make me happy. Here's my page:


Colleen said...

Love the layout and a HUGE Congrats on the weight loss!! Amazing!

all the days of our life said...

WOW CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss. Your LO is beautiful.

Vivian said...

Woot Woot!!
Way to go on your weight loss!!
And, as always, your LO is beautiful, Debbi!

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