Saturday, September 18, 2010

Purple Lovers of the World, Unite! {Color Combos Galore 160}

Okay, that's an inside joke. Janet--along with most of the design team--hates purple. But purple's what's on the menu this week at Color Combos Galore! And not just one purple, but three! Which is amazing, when you think of it, because our inspiration photo had plenty of other colors to play with. But I love purple, so I'm a happy scrapper. Here's this week's inspiration board:


As soon as I saw the palette, I knew just what photo I'd be scrapping. I'd had this picture printed out since last winter, waiting for a combo that had purple. Here's the page I made:

I knew I wouldn't have space on my layout to tell the whole story, so I put just a peek of my journaling at the top.

The journaling on the back of the page reads: It happened like this. Michele had to run out for a bit to somewhere for some reason I now don't recall and asked me to watch Monica. I think she was about five at the time. She was always an independent little thing. I was in the den watching TV and Monica was in her room playing. Or so I thought. Every once in a while I'd call out, "Monica, what are you doing?" and she'd reply that she was playing. This went on for the duration Michele was out.

Well, when Michele came home, Monica came running out to show off what she had done. And what she had done was chop off a bunch of her hair. Her bangs were gone and there were big chunks of hair cut out that left virtual bald patches. My reaction? I was mortified. And embarrassed. And filled with shame that let my best friend down. Michele's reaction? She cracked up. And told me it was okay. Because that's just the kind of person my best friend is.

I always try to get my colors as close to the CCG palette as I can, and sometimes that's a tricky feat. BasicGrey always comes through when I'm looking for just the right colors for my letters. I have a ton of these letters in my stash--a sheet for every collection ever made. Another old standby I've discovered that helps me with the colors Janet picks is the old Chatterbox room collection papers. I think I have every one of those papers, too! They're double-sided, and the back has a sold color with a nice linen texture, and the colors always save me with these combos. I also dug out some old BasicGrey chipboard to hold my title. And don't you love paper doilies? They're such a pretty way to show off a title.

I was wondering how to embellish this page. I knew I wanted the purples to be the main colors and that I would accent with the dark blue. Only problem was, I didn't have a lot of dark blue stuff in my embellishment collection. That's when I found these butterflies on a GCD Artsy Urban paper and knew they'd be the perfect addition. I lifted their wings with pop dots.
Part of the CCG challenge is the Designer's Challenge, and this week was a fun one--to use dangly or suspended items on our layout. Right away, I remembered this silver scissor charm, which I knew would be perfect for the challenge. I fiddled around for hours trying to figure out where I was going to hang this charm. I finally gave up and attached it to my page with a ribbon, using it in place of the letter i in my title.

As a final touch to my layout, I framed my photo with dots using Ranger Enamel Accents, which I recently bought on a whim at The Queen's Ink, a stamping store about an hour from me. This stuff is really cool! Sort of like puffy paint, but it dries to a glossy finish and really does look like enamel.

This was a tricky combo, trying to find just the right purples and blue, but a really fun one, and, like I said, I LOVE purple! Come take a look at what the rest of the team (aka the purple haters) made, and I hope you'll play along!

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Murphy's Law said...

you rocked the purple. i love it too. i'm starting a wedding album in purple. this is yummy!

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