Sunday, April 29, 2012

Virgo...2 Sides {CSI Case File No. 17}

We've opened another Case File for investigation at CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration.

The colors are so versatile, and I was thinking travel pictures, but then I decided to go with a layout about my astrological sign because I wanted to use the cool zodiac wheel Michele included in the CSI Coordinates.  I tell, you, Michele is a gem for creating these printables to go with all of our Case Files. You can always download these printables at the bottom of our Case File reveals.

So here's the page I made. Clues I used to solve this case: Evidence: Circles, stars, pen work; Testimony: Write about your astrological sign. I had intended to use white space (can you see it?) but I'm white space-challenged, mainly due to the fact that I scrap 8 x 8.

I combined prints from the CSI Coordinates other papers by Making Memories, BasicGrey, Pebbles, and really old Scenic Route. I thought this yearly school portrait was perfect for the colors, and when I got the idea for my story, I decided I'd duplicate the photo and flip it horizontally to show the "two sides" of me.

Here are some details. The text tucked behind the teal paper lists the positive and negative traits of Virgos. I took my photo at school, and the kids kept messing with those. The one with the positive traits actually has two blue brads. In case you're wondering about us Virgos, here's what those pull-outs say:

(Negative) - fussy - worrier - overcritical - obsessive - perfectionist - conservative - tactless - skeptical - picky - shy - vulnerable - fragile - miserly

(Positive) - meticulous - reliable - practical - diligent - intelligent - analytical - observant - helpful - precise - organized - creative - compassionate - kind  -dedicated - thoughtful - efficient - industrious - charming - loyal - sensitive - trustworthy

My journaling, which I had to do on the back reads:

"Anal" and "nitpicky" are the names I'm called when family members are irritated by my Virgo-ness. I can't help it. It's driven by the stars.

I'll admit I'm a perfectionist--I care deeply about things so I want them done right. Yes, I'm picky, though I prefer to call it discriminating. And I guess I can be overcritical, but that's only because I'm trying to be helpful and get things right. After all, I can't help it--I'm analytical and observant and precise, so my eagle eye right away spots what's not right with a situation. (I don't mean to offend.) But I'm also kind and helpful and industrious, so I will help to make the things right.

I am a worrier because I'm a thinker, and when I analyze a situation, I see all sides, including the things that can possibly go wrong. I can definitely get obsessed with whatever I am currently thinking about, but that also makes me dedicated to my pursuits.

That dedication makes me a good friend. I'm trustworthy and fiercely loyal. I am kind and compassionate because of my sensitive side, so you can always find a good listener who will empathize. I'm generally shy in new situations. I'm vulnerable and over-trusting, which makes me get stepped on by people who spot my vulnerabilities. But I'm learning (trial by fire, I guess) to not be people's doormats anymore.

I'm meticulous and organized. Though I admit I really hate housework, I love to organize--it's the analytical side of me, I think, that enjoys finding the best, most practical and efficient ways of arranging things. You can find me alphabetizing my spices and my books and my CDs and my scrapbook papers, categorizing my scrappy supplies into little drawers and arranging everything ROYGBIV, color-sorting my necklaces and clothes, making folders and files to sort things on my computer. If only Farzad would let me organize all those screws and tools and bits in his mess of a storage room, I just know he'd be so much happier (though he's on to my Virgo-ness and won't have any of that!).

My "positive" Virgo trait list says I am charming. I'd like to think so. I am definitely a people-pleaser. And my favorite trait on there says I'm creative. I'd like to think that too, but my perfectionist bug says I'm not. I'm always comparing my work to all my scrappy idols and never measure up. But I never stop trying, and I enjoy creative pursuits. And my friends and family are always telling me I am creative, so I think I'll start trying to believe them.

Yes, I can get on people's nerves with my Virgo-ness, and when I see that negative list, I cringe and wish I'd been born under different stars. But then I look at the positives, and think maybe it's not so bad--I'd certainly like to have a friend who possesses those traits. I think maybe I'll embrace my Virgo-ness after all.

This zodiac wheel Michele added to our CSI Coordinates is so nifty. After my layout was all done, I wished I'd printed it on a different color paper. That always happens to me after I've stitched things and glue-dotted them down. Sigh.

This moon man is so fun--also in the CSI Coordinates, as are these little patterned flags. I didn't originally have this cluster on my page because I was going for the white space thing, but in the end, I decided to add them.

The stars and pen outlining were also things I added after I thought my layout was finished and I had given my layout a second look. I love that circle pattern Michele made for the CSI Coordinates. The brads are by BasicGrey.

I added that flower because it sort of looks like it's got a text print on it (for the book pages part of the challenge)--maybe it does but it's kind of blurred. I've been admiring all the hexagons on people's pages for a while and thought I better get those on my page before the trend dies. I do that a lot--jump on the bandwagon way too late. 

As always, the CSI design team and guest designers have amazing projects this week, so you should definitely pop in and see what everybody made. This is the last week for a chance at winning a prize from our April sponsor, The Paper Bakery Kit Club (the deadline for this Case File is Sunday, May 6 at 11:59 pm).

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading about my page.


Heather Jacob said...

wow Debbi what a fabulous idea for the journaling .. awesome .. love the way you have flipped the photo to show both sides ... looks fabulous but I don't know how to do it ????
I think you are a perfectionist but also very compassionate and warm .... I think you are just wonderful the way you are ... acceptance is the key !!! I am learning this with age LOL .. take care love heather x

Tina said...

Debbi - love this layout - and I love all the great little details. I really need to try Michelle's coordinates - they are perfect and I love how you used them on your page. And what you did with the photo - brilliant!

Tamika said...

Fantastic page Debbie. Last year a few of my scrapbooking friends and I were supposed to do our Chinese Astrological sign in a layout as a challenge no one did it. I still plan to one day though. Thanks for reminding me and re inspiring me!

Unknown said...

Awesome reading about it and your different traits. Much of them I would think should go on the positives rather than the negatives! love the design and the page and how you flipped your pic! and yes, to some extent there is some white space left over, LOL!

Michele said...

Wow, Debbi, I love to see what you do with the printables. You really make them shine! I love your journaling, neat photos and all the stitching details. Gorgeous page, totally fun!

Unknown said...

Looks so FAB, Debbi!! Love it!

Unknown said...

I love how your inking makes everything pop! great layout!!

annette said...

wow !!! Debbi wonderful journaling !!you can certainly inspire.. you are definitely creative & I so laughed at wanting to tidy your DH's stuff in the shed... TFS so much of yourself .. cheers X:)

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