Thursday, May 23, 2013

#Aack! {CSI Case File No. 72}

Aack is right! It's almost time for another Case File to open for investigation at CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration, and I'm just now sharing my page from last week's Case File. Busy week. I went out last weekend on my regular scrappy day, and I've been playing catch-up all week.

Here's Case File No. 72, in case you haven't seen it:

So here's my page. Clues I used...Evidence: doilies, labels, layering rub-ons, something clear, book pages, leafy vine, kraft background, metal, pen work. Testimony: Journal on a series of stacked labels, tweet w/hashtags.

And speaking of playing catch-up, the same thing happened the week before, and I had to make this page in a jiffy. Well, for me, a jifffy--I put it together in about 4 hours last Thursday night after school.

That teal is actually a little closer to the palette in real life.

Here are some details. I was so happy to break out some rub-ons for this page. I layered two My Mind's Eye rub-ons in the lower right corner.

These leafy elements and the teal element in the background were cut with my Silhouette Cameo. The doily is by Martha Stewart. The ledger with the bracket is a Fancy Pants rub-on.

I adore these little Studio Calico birds and they've been showing up a lot on my pages lately. I thought it was especially perfect for this "Tweet" Testimony prompt. The blue bit at the top of the dictionary page is also a rub-on.

I'm planning to journal in more detail on the back, but the gist of the story is this: My hair stylist moved to the next state a few years ago, and I've been driving down to Virginia, but the traffic is so stressful after school. Then I moved further awayand it got even more stressful, so I've been in search of a closer stylist. This guy, Tone (prounounced To-nay) worked at the new Ulta near me and cut my mom's friend's hair. She said he did a great job on her hair. I had an Ulta coupon for salon services, so I thought, What the heck, I'll give him a try.

These pictures were taken the first time, and he did a pretty good job with my hair. He put a glaze on it to make it have more shine, which I really liked.


The second time I went to him, I wasn't so happy. He talked me into putting some red in the glaze--"Just a little, to brighten it up." I was very nervous because I had never in my life colored my hair, but I trusted him. 

I shouldn't have trusted him. My hair turned out so dark, it was almost dark brown. And he gave me an "asymmetrical" cut, which was supposed to be trendy, I guess, but just looked like a kindergartner had hacked my hair. 

I didn't cry in front of him, but I did when I got home. And the next day and the next. I spent the next several weeks scrubbing my hair with Head and Shoulders daily, which my sister told me would help the color wash out quicker.

I've gone to one other stylist in my town, who did a significantly better job, but last weekend, I finally went back to Hasan because I had another event planned in Virginia, and I am vowing to always go back to him, no matter what.

The yellow paper I used is old Chatterbox paper. I tore a page out of an old dictionary and circled some of the words that went with my page. The lettering I used is by Heidi Swapp (the ledger #) and American Crafts Thickers.

When I was looking for embellishments, I came across these brads by Crate Paper that were perfect for htese colors.

These colors are very unusual but were fun to work with. You must go see the awesome work by the rest of the team and our guest designers.



Lizzy Hill said...

I love that teal bracket & those brads & what a story!!!! Hair can be a pain, that's for sure!!!!! I really enjoyed working with these colours...my fave for a while , to be honest!!!! Oh, & I HAVE that silly bg cut...it looks great here:):):)

Helen Wallace said...

Oh no! It's horrid when the hairdresser makes a mess. Did you go back and tell him you would not be returning? I feel your pain, 'cos I drive a loooong way to my favourite hairdresser too. Love the way you used the palllete and the teal element behind the photo is yummy. Must get some of those studio calico birds, they are so cute :)

Val-Belle said...

Ah Debbi I so get that... I am on the opposite side of the spectrum to you... I got my dads hair. Thin, fine and limp... great combo so I have just as much difficulty trying to get a good hair day as you with your curly thick hair. My brother was engaged to a hairdresser who was a whizz with my hair - it always looked good - then they broke up and she moved a 2 hour flight away :( that was 27 years ago and since then I have been from one to the next and all over again. Now I keep my hair cut an inch short all over.... I have cried in front of hairdressers and I have considered shaving my hair and tattooing my head... so I hear you on the bad hair day. Now to your layout which I just love. Rushed? well you are a wizard. My mojo has taken an unplanned vacation.... so I am playing catch up as well. Hugs...<3

Lynette Jacobs said...

Ohhhh! I get you. I am very finicky with my hair. For a while my hairdresser moved to the Arab Emirates and I was too scared to try out anybody else. She is back and I am very happy.

This layout reminds me that we should scrap the happy and the "not so happy" moments of life.

Murphy's Law said...

Aackk...An awesome stylist is golden and I follow mine wherever she goes. I so get this. what a great page!

Mitralee said...

they certainly DO get to know your hair don't they! Love the little story that goes along with your page! Such lovely colors too for your challenge! Love it!

Patricia Roebuck said...

Thanks for stopping by My blog and leaving a comment!!

Oh I love this! And I hate getting bad hair do's oh it just puts you in a funk mood!!

Sandie said...

You had me really shuddering at the story of this layout .. you poor girly... I so feel for you. It is a lovely layout, and definitely something you will never forget.

Heather Jacob said...

both inspiring and so creative .. love this Debbi. you are so gorgeous with all the work you do in CSI .. thank you thankyou xoxoo

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