Sunday, July 1, 2018

Amazing Myself {CSI Case File No. 257}

We've got a new challenge at CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration. Here's the Case File to inspire your layout:

And here's the page I created. I recently got the Simple & Sweet collection by Pinkfresh Studio. It was sitting on my scrap table, and when I got ready to start planning a layout for this Case File, it dawned on me that the colors perfectly matched the Case File. I added the blue that was also in that collection as an extra color. I also used a few of the Evidence clues: floral pattern, wood, leaves, lemon, black and white pattern. I also used the Testimony clue about documenting something about summer.

Here are some details. My journaling reads: As part of my best year ever and transforming my mindset, one of my summer goals is to do some exercise every day except Sunday. It's only a week in, but so far, I've met that goal. Some days I have to talk myself into it, but so far I haven't yet talked myself out of it. And amazingly, it hasn't been so bad! Most everything on this page is from the PinkFresh collection. The pink letters are some old letter stickers from my stash.

This chipboard piece, which is a little hard to read because of the lighting, says "Make it easy by making it fun," and the message helps tell the story. I'm doing one of three activities on any given day. I bought this thing called a chair gym, which is the least fun but is helping me to work my muscles. I bought some Body Groove videos that are really fun because it's basically dancing, and the lady who made the videos is really fun to watch and listen to. And the third thing is I'm walking really early in the morning before it gets hot, like before 6:00 a.m. I really do hate exercise, but I'm in a Facebook group that's helping to motivate me to stay on track with this goal. It helps me not feel alone.

The rise and shine bit, from a cut-apart sheet, was perfect to tell my story because I'm doing my exercising first thing in the morning, and the little Studio Calico wood veneer tweet helped with this message. Early bird, get it? 


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